Bosch SGS45C02GB Dishwasher – A sparkling addition to any kitchen

Published: 25th February 2009
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The Bosch SGS45C02GB dishwasher is another exceptional appliance from this manufacturer. Bosch knows how to get it right and with this dishwasher they didn't miss a trick. The SGS45C02GB dishwasher is designed to work hard to get the job done while offering a great choice of programmes and features to ensure you have the best possible options for your dishwashing load.

The SGS45C02GB dishwasher has been recognised by the Energy Saving Trust as being energy recommended, with an AAA rating for energy, wash and drying performance. The Energy Saving Trust are not the only ones to recognise the success of the SGS45C02GB dishwasher having been awarded a Which? Best Buy in the dishwashers' category in 2008 - proof that this appliance is exceptional.

The SGS45C02GB dishwasher comes with 4 brilliant programme options, Pre-rinse, Quick Wash 45 ºC, Daily/Eco 50 ºC and Normal 65 ºC so there is a programme to tackle every dishwashing load you have, from a lighter load of glasses and everyday tableware to pots and pans full of stuck on foods and greases. You know you can trust Bosch when it comes to working hard to get your dishes clean. One function which has proved to be hugely popular is the Quick Wash 45 ºC which runs for only 29 minutes - one of the quickest dishwasher cycles currently available. A 29 minute programme is really appealing to those who just don't have time to waste waiting around for a longer cycle - just one popular feature which adds to the success of the SGS45C02GB dishwasher.

The front of the SGS45C02GB dishwasher is simple and attractive, no one wants an overly complicated dishwasher and Bosch have created a brilliant machine which is easy to use and a pleasure to own. There is an easy to use programme guide on the top edge of the appliance along with clear text and symbols on the front control panel next to the simple knob.

The SGS45C02GB dishwasher has 12 place settings, plenty of room to tackle the average family's dishwashing needs. One place setting consists of a plate, a side plate, a cup, a saucer and cutlery and there is plenty of room inside for your pots and pans.

One feature which makes the Bosch SGS45C02GB dishwasher so attractive is the Half Load option - simply press a button and the dishwasher will wash only one rack. This is great when you have a rack full of dirty dishes and don't want to wait to fill the entire dishwasher. The Half Load option also saves up to 30% of the water which would have been used during a full cycle another great energy saving feature of this appliance.

Height adjustable baskets are seen as a handy feature and the SGS45C02GB dishwasher contains just this. When you have bulky casserole dishes and pans which simply don't seem to fit correctly just move the basket to create more room - this handy feature saves any hassle and stress and is loved by those who own it!

Being recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and awarded a Which? Best Buy only adds to the credibility of this appliance, anyone looking for something special to take care of the dishes should consider the Bosch SGS45C02GB dishwasher, an ideal cleaning solution for your kitchen.

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