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Published: 08th February 2009
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Frost free has become one of the most desired kitchen appliance features. Why? Because it saves time, money and energy. Most people looking for a new freezer now think of frost free as being a key factor in the purchase. There are a number of reasons which make this feature one of the most popular features a freezer could have.

So how exactly does frost free work? Well every time you take food out or put food into the freezer air will enter the appliance. The air is warmer then the appliance is use to and contains moisture. The moisture will then start to freeze inside the appliance and the coils begin to cool. This cycle continues and what is left is a build up of ice inside the appliance which reduces the freezers efficiency and makes the freezer work harder therefore making it less energy efficient also.

The main advantage of frost free is you never will have to defrost your freezer again. We all know the hassle of having to remove food, wait for the freezer to defrost and clean up any excess water. Frost free means you never have to worry about this again, those who know the true hassle of defrosting a freezer with a build up of ice will know how much time and effort this feature will save.

In addition to saving time, frost free freezers also offer space saving solutions. If you have a big build up of ice inside the freezer then just imagine how much extra food you will be able to fit into the freezer if that big block of built up ice wasn't there.

There are a couple of disadvantages to frost free, the first being price. You can expect to pay a little more for a frost free freezer however, generally most people would agree that for eliminating the need to defrost it is worth investing that bit more cash. The second disadvantage is that food can dry out slightly quicker, this is because the frost free technology is designed to eliminate the moisture built up in the appliance.

Frost free is an ideal feature if people want to save time and make it easy when maintaining your kitchen appliances. There is a wide choice available on the market so see which brand and model will be most suited for your home.

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