Integrated washing machines, the hidden jewel in your kitchen

Published: 10th March 2009
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One of the most frequently asked questions when buying a new washing machine is whether to choose an integrated or freestanding model. Freestanding washing machines are great as they can go anywhere there is a space and the front of the appliance is visible, and with today's current stylish appliances which are on offer a washing machine can look really attractive in your home. What if you do not want to see the front of the appliance, or wanted to keep your kitchens current design? Then an integrated washing machine is just what you need for your kitchen.

The beauty of an integrated washing machine is that it won't change your desired layout in the kitchen, you won't see the front of the appliance, or the washing spinning inside - everything is neatly hidden out of sight making it really easy for you to pop the wash load on and forget about it until the end of the cycle. People with kitchen cupboard doors which are a certain style don't want appliances to be on show, they would rather tuck them neatly away and keep the décor of the kitchen how they want it.

Here are some various integrated washing machines and their benefits;

The Hotpoint BHWM129 integrated washing machine is currently one of the most popular models available. With a 6kg wash load, A energy rating and 16 wash programmes including delicate wash, quick wash and intensive wash the Hotpoint BHWM129 integrated washing machine is favoured by many. This model is at a brilliant price and has a 1200rpm spin speed which means it is ideal for any family.

The Whirlpool AWO/D049 integrated washing machine is another great option for those looking for a built in model. With an A+ energy rating this is one of the most energy efficient models. The spin speed is 1000rpm and the wash load is 5kg which means this integrated washing machine is great for a smaller family. The Whirlpool AWO/D049 has a fantastic 18 programme options including a wool programme, pre wash, hand wash and quick wash programme.

For those who want to pay that bit extra for their appliances then the Stoves WM16v integrated washing machine is a model at the higher end of the integrated selection. The Stoves WM16v has a massive 1600rpm spin speed, which means more water is expelled from your clothing during the spin. The wash load capacity is 5kg. This model is rated AAA for energy, wash and spin performance and with 13 practical programmes this washing machine has everything you need to get the laundry done quickly and efficiently.

Whichever integrated washing machine you decide on, make sure you think about what spin speed and wash load you desire. There is a vast choice of programmes available so when selecting your model have a good think about what functions you want your integrated washing machine to perform.

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