Ovens - Why pay a premium for high end brands?

Published: 17th February 2009
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We are all aware of the current economic climate, all we hear is recession this, credit crunch that and with everyone trying to save money why should we bother buying premium brand foods, electronics or appliances? Why? Because buying better quality can often save you money even though initially you are spending more.

A new oven should be seen as an investment. These appliances are one of the cogs of the home, making sure everything is prepared exactly how you want it. But why should you spend that extra couple of hundred pounds? Surely there cannot be that much difference. Well there is. Many people start believing that they are paying for a brand name rather than a quality product, but until you experience the difference you will never know the beauty that a better brand can offer you.

Ovens are hard working appliances, there is no doubt that ovens are essential so surely it would be better to invest in one which will last longer and be more reliable then buying an entry level product? Sure everyone loves a bargain, we love the feeling of smugness which comes from buying something with a saving, thinking of all those less fortunate people who bought it at full price. However, when it comes to ovens, and in fact all kitchen appliances always think about the long term, just because an item is cheaper wont mean it is better. The kitchen contains some of the hardest working appliances in the home, everything needs to run smoothly to provide the best quality for you and your family, so why risk buying something which may not be reliable?

How about being more energy efficient. Premium brands often offer a selection of products with great energy ratings. Make sure that when buying your new oven that you get one with an energy rating of 'A' as this will ensure that you save money off your bills while helping reduce your carbon footprint, just another way your new oven proves it is worth paying that little extra.

Premium ovens are from brands such as AEG and Stoves, but why should you pay more to have this logo in your kitchen? Simple, because premium ovens are premium for a reason, they contain exciting features and functions that their less superior rivals do not contain. Stoves ovens contain features such as steamcleanse and pristine plus - allowing the oven to maintain its looks at all times. Also, telescopic shelves, extending the shelves out to carry the weight of what is cooking in the oven. Another great Stoves oven feature is the meat probe, accurate temperature readings are displayed outside the oven to let you know when your meat is cooked to perfection. It is features like these which put brands like Stoves above the rest. Offering practical cooking options - which will be used time and time again and without them you would wonder how you managed!

Looks can be deceiving - but chances are cheaper appliances will look cheaper, so for the style conscious it is worth noting that premium brand ovens will probably look better in your kitchen. This is because they are built from better material quality and a better quality of finish will be on the oven. AEG and Bosch ovens have a superior build quality with German engineering to help lead the way and introduce new standards to the oven world. AEG having been perfecting and evoking their values since 1889 with structured designs and innovative solutions, it is this dedication which helps place them above cheaper brands.

As with anything in this life, you get what you pay for and this is the same in the world of white goods. If you buy a cheap oven from an unknown brand you can't be annoyed when it breaks down or doesn't heat up properly - surely you knew this when you purchased it. Everything has a life span, so make sure when choosing your new oven you buy from a brand you can trust where quality is second to none.

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